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Height Differences, Cullen x Gale Fluff


Cullen stands in front of the mirror, hand running over the stubble along his jaw that has quickly grown out of control. Reaching up to his sleep tousled curls, he fingers the long strands with a thoughtful expression, knowing he needs a trim but unsure of his skill in that department. He would hate to horribly mess up and have to deal with the crude looks Vivienne and Leliana would surely give him, or the pitying glances Dorian and Josephine would pass his way. He contemplates asking Dorian to cut his hair when a pair of arms wrap around his bare stomach.

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Should have done this ages ago but I kept forgetting, wehhh

I was tagged by theladylavellan and fereldanwench

Ten TV Tropes that fit my Inquisitors :>

Audrey Trevelyan
Lady Of War
Knight In Sour Armour
Intelligence Equals Isolation
Dark and Troubled Past
The Paragon
Guilt Complex
I Am What I Am
The Perfectionist
Fool For Love
Think Nothing Of It

Alyana Lavellan
Hot Blooded
Loveable Rogue
Femininity Failure
Ethical Slut
Survivor Guilt
One Of The Boys
Plucky Girl
Violently Protective Girlfriend
Hero With An F In Good
Redheaded Hero

The Hunter
I Work Alone
Heroic Bastard
I Just Want To Be Normal
The Drifter
Right Man In The Wrong Place
Heroic Neutral
Misunderstood Loner With A Heart Of Gold
Hates Being Touched
Gut Feeling

Love these bbs -strokes them while weeping-

I tag anyone and everyone who would like to do this! I’d definitely recommend doing it if you’re having trouble fleshing out your quizzies or solidifying some of their characteristics :D